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Here’s Hoping

Every year I try to think about the things I’m thankful for. Some years it’s easy: for example, 1977 was the year my daughter was born on Thanksgiving Day. Other years require more work and concentration: two years ago I … Continue reading

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Dickens and Repetition

I’m a serious, experienced reader. I’ve read all sorts of things: novels, poetry, plays, memoirs, essays…well, you probably get the picture. One of the things I do is read in two directions at once. If I’m reading a novel, for … Continue reading

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Seven Pounds of Trouble

Her real name is Meg, and since she is curled up on my lap and purring, “Meg” is probably what I should be calling her at the moment. She’s a beautiful little gray long haired cat, a ten year old … Continue reading

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I used to have an old but nice lounge chair on my porch. My sister gave it to me several years ago. She drove it four hundred miles to my house. As of this weekend, it has a new home. … Continue reading

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Welcome, Mr. Pacazo!

My¬† friend acquaintance, Pacazo, is a several-year-old feral cat–a big brown tabby who my neighbor and I have been feeding for a while now. He is very wild, in spite of food and occasional shelter in my yard, and will … Continue reading

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I’m Here…

I’ve spent a week trying to plan and organize my site–until this morning, that is! OK, it’s just a start, and you might be seeing various changes as time goes by; but here are some things I hope won’t change: … Continue reading

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