I’m Here…


I’ve spent a week trying to plan and organize my site–until this morning, that is! OK, it’s just a start, and you might be seeing various changes as time goes by; but here are some things I hope won’t change:

There are a lot of things I want to talk about.

I want interesting responses.

I want us all to treat each other as friends, even if we don’t agree all the time. “Disagree” does not include mean comments or name calling. Much as I love irony and good sarcasm, it can be hard for a reader to determine intent if all the reader can see is the written word.

So hello, fellow knitters–cat folks–writers–artists–gardeners–and people who love old houses. Welcome to my world!

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One Response to I’m Here…

  1. Good to see you here! What shall we discuss first?


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