Welcome, Mr. Pacazo!

My  friend acquaintance, Pacazo, is a several-year-old feral cat–a big brown tabby who my neighbor and I have been feeding for a while now. He is very wild, in spite of food and occasional shelter in my yard, and will not let me get close to him. I still get a hiss or two if he’s waiting on my porch when I go out to feed him. And when I say “shelter” I mean his kind of shelter, like curling up on the fallen leaves next to my house. I’ve had a dog cat house in my backyard for some years, and I’ve never seen him in it, even during exceptionally bad weather.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about finding a new owner for the cat house. Stella, a feral momcat who we cared for since 2003, was lost this summer and I haven’t been seeing other animals use the house at all. I’ve tried to donate it to a couple of neighbors, but so far no one’s been interested. I finally decided that I should probably just put it out on the curb for the next garbage day.

But yesterday morning I noticed that when I when I called Pacazo to come for breakfast, he came from near the cat house. I couldn’t tell if he was actually in it. This morning when I went out, he wasn’t in sight, and I was curious. I walked toward the cat house and suddenly Pacazo flew out of it and ran across the yard.

So for now, the house is staying in my back yard. I’m curious to see if Pacazo wants to stay here more often.

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