I used to have an old but nice lounge chair on my porch. My sister gave it to me several years ago. She drove it four hundred miles to my house.

As of this weekend, it has a new home. Well, I hope it does, but I have no way of knowing where it is. It was stolen Friday night.

I want to be specific about what happened. I did not go to dinner and notice the chair was missing when I got home. I did not retrieve the newspaper Saturday morning and wonder where my chair was.

Actually, it was my cats who told me something might be wrong. I was watching the evening news when I heard a step or two outside. It wasn’t loud, and I assumed it was someone on the porch next door. Shadow, Ninja and Meg heard it, too. They looked at each other and ran upstairs. They can tell where the sound is coming from, even when I can’t.

I assumed a neighbor would be knocking on my door. I went to open it, but nobody was there.

I went back into the living room, but I was convinced the cats knew someone was on the porch. Before I sat down again, I pulled the curtain aside and looked out the window. Something didn’t look right.

My house is old, and has one of those L-shaped porches across the front and down part of one side. I had to go out to get a better look at the porch.

The chair was gone.

I called the police immediately. 911 transferred me to 311 and a guy who took my report on the phone. He told me I can go to the Safety Building in a few days if I want a copy of the report, and I’ll probably do that.

Then I called a few neighbors to let them know what happened–after all, they have stuff on their porches, too.

Sure, there are some things that bother me about this little escapade. Even with the curtains closed, I’m sure the thief could see that the lights were on in my living room. Maybe my presence was also obvious. And it was a busy time on my block–between six and seven every evening, many neighbors have to go out and switch their parked cars to the opposite side of the street (that’s known as alternate parking here). Several people were doing that when I went out on the porch, and it was literally only a minute or two since I’d heard the footsteps.

I’d be very surprised if my chair was found, or if the thief was caught.

It’s not the end of the world, but I do miss my chair.

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One Response to Gone

  1. Christine Donley says:

    I hOpe you get your chair back..who would do such a thing?


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