Seven Pounds of Trouble


Her real name is Meg, and since she is curled up on my lap and purring, “Meg” is probably what I should be calling her at the moment. She’s a beautiful little gray long haired cat, a ten year old who looks and acts like a ten month old.

Early last week she had what looked like blood in her left eye; two days later, it was in both eyes. She was diagnosed as having very high blood pressure, and given some medication to help it come down. This week, she was rechecked and tested for kidney disease and hyperthyroid issues, which are common causes of high blood pressure in cats.

The results were interesting. Her blood pressure is down, but not quite where it should be. Her kidney and thyroid tests were fine. Apparently–like some people–she just has high blood pressure. She’s on two medications now.

So far I’ve had good luck with pilling her, but I’m working on training her so the process will be easier for both of us. Her pills are very tiny. At this point, she’ll eat them when they’re wrapped in a little bit of cheese. (And I do mean a little bit! I expect the total amount to be less than a tablespoon for the week.) But I also want to be able to put the meds in an empty capsule and use it in one of those pill dispensers. Either way, I need to be able to catch her.

She likes the cheese, but she doesn’t like being caught. I have her eat her “snack” in a closed room, mainly so none of my other cats have access to her medication. I’ve been able to catch her whenever necessary–so far–but only after she does a lot of running, hiding, and teasing. Apparently cats can do avoidance and games at the same time.

When I woke up this morning, she seemed to be a little closer to her normal self. She visited me in bed, and did some snuggling and purring. When I went downstairs, she ran into the back room and turned around to see what I would do. It was pretty simple. I closed the door, prepared her dose, and put it in the room. She ate it. I opened the door when breakfast was ready, and she came out.

It felt like she was getting used to our process, and since it saved me a good fifteen minutes of trying to catch her, I hope I’m right! I’m curious to see what she does tonight.

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