It’s spring, Easter and Passover here in the South Wedge. What a change we’ve had over the last few weeks–warmer weather, melting snow, and a happier, more positive view of the world. It’s not just me. I’ve noticed more people smiling in public!

I think that’s because there are things that are actually starting. Sure, we looked forward to them all winter, but now they’re happening. Case in point: the community garden in my neighborhood.

I’ve been involved with the garden since it started. This will be our seventh year. Last year I volunteered to be the steward of the garden that’s across the street from my house. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do that this year. Between my work schedule and my soon-to-arrive grandson, time will be an issue. But I will definitely continue to have a garden plot.

Community gardening here often uses lots where old homes have been torn down. The lots are owned by the city, and in our case a neighborhood group contracts with them. It’s a good thing for both–we get to have a free garden plot, and the city gets their lot maintained for free.

But there are more attractions. We get to meet people who like gardening. We have social activities, like potlucks (it’s no surprise that people interested in gardening also like cooking!). We’ve been talking about starting a knitting group, and I keep imagining how much fun it will be to sit in the garden doing needlework while we share a pitcher of lemonade.

But that isn’t all we’ll share. Seeds, plants, fencing theories and cooking ideas are all on the list. We’ll share our love for bees, our displeasure with groundhogs, and our complete dislike for poison ivy. We’ll share photos and web links on Facebook.

For me, community gardening has become one of the happiest things I can do.

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