What–It’s September Already?


I’ve had a lot of people tell me that time goes faster as we get older, and apparently they’re right. The last time I posted here was in April–and believe me, it doesn’t feel like five months have passed!

Good things have happened. In May, my grandson Matthew was born–does anything get better than that?–and in June I took a train trip to meet him. I’ve been knitting for him, and spending time posting and liking pictures of Matthew and his parents on Facebook.

So what else has been going on? I’ve been working part time at a nearby local business, and of course it’s Community Garden season. Lately I’ve been harvesting things, and cooking and freezing several batches of pesto, some tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce, and stuffed peppers. I’ve been knitting several projects, including a squirrel for Matthew (it’s the Knit One, Squirrel Two pattern on Ravelry.) I started re-reading Stephen King’s The Dark Towers series. (I never finished it back in the day, but this time I’m determined…)

And yes, there have been some bad things happening, too. I’m pretty sure that never really stops, but I’m doing an experiment–this week, I’m trying not to think about the bad things, and the stress and anxiety they cause. I’m hoping that getting away from negativity for awhile will help me to deal with these things better when I get back to them.If all goes well, I’m going to be positive at least until Labor Day is over.

Of course, if all my knitting and cooking today go well, that won’t hurt! I think it’s already too hot to go for a walk today–but we’ll see. Happy holiday, you guys!

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