A Beautiful Thing


I belong to a family that loves antiques, especially if the antique used to belong to someone in the family.

I’m lucky to have some wonderful things from different generations. There is a chair, a small shelf, and a clock made by my dad’s great grandfather. I don’t think that Antiques Roadshow would find them impressive–they all need to be fixed and refinished–but I’m very pleased to have them. There are other things, too. I have photographs, old glass, dishes, and an old iron that I use as a door stop.

Just a few days ago I received a package from my mom. I opened it to find an old petit point purse, made in Austria. It came originally from Aunt Ruth (my mom’s aunt!) and it’s been in the family long enough that we don’t remember if it was given directly to Mom, or whether my grandmother had it first. What I do remember was seeing it when I was a little kid, and loving it even then.

Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Aunt Ruth. I’ll take good care of this!




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One Response to A Beautiful Thing

  1. Majka says:

    I love antiques as well! ☺ I have an old sewing machine and cabinet from an old lady, but couldn’t bring it with me yet so it will wait in my parents cellar beside some other small things.


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