Bird Week

IMG_20160620_103146I’m happy to announce that this is Bird Week in my yard. It happens every summer, but I never know exactly when, because it’s based on a tree.

The tree is officially called Amelanchier, but here in western New York it’s more commonly called shadbush, or serviceberry, or several other names. I recently found out that it’s in the Rose (Roseacea) family. My tree blooms pretty little white flowers in the spring, and develops edible seeds in the summer. It’s a popular tree for squirrels and birds all year, but when the seeds are ripe it becomes The Most Popular Tree in the Yard for about a week. And thanks to my cats, the Bird Week is easy to spot.

The top part of the tree is right outside a second-story window. A cat occasionally will stop and look out at a squirrel, or sit on the window sill on  a pretty summer day. And then, suddenly, all four cats will be by the window at the same time. They’ll be quiet, and look relaxed, but their attention is totally connected to the shadbush tree. It’s full of birds, and surrounded by birds. There’s a lot of chirping and wings humming, and the occasional ping when a seed falls on my car. The cats seem to love the sounds as much as they love the birds.

One day soon I’ll notice that it’s getting quieter, with less flying and less furry observing. The Bird Week will be over, but I’ll have next year’s tree adventures to anticipate!

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