A Rosy Autumn

Where I live in western New York, there are usually ways to tell what time of year it is just by looking out your window. In the winter there is snow. Spring has birds flying and lilacs starting to bloom. The sun can be bright in the summer, with lots of people riding bikes or walking for enjoyable exercise. Later, in the fall, leaves turn from green to a variety of colors.

This year we’ve had weird weather—a warmer winter with less snow than usual, an extremely hot and dry summer, and now autumn is just beginning to start in the middle of October with more warm weather. It will be in the 70s—and maybe as high as 80—most of the coming week. I’ve been watching the leaves, but today I noticed something I’ve never seen before.

There is a rose that will bloom in the next day or so. I’ve never seen this happen in the middle of October! Thanks, phone—I’ll be saving this photo for a long time.


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