That’s All Right With Me

Today I’m listening to music.

There are two reasons why I’m doing this. The first is that for the last several years, I haven’t been listening to music at home. They play good stuff while I’m at work a few hours a week, and I always put my radio on when I’m driving—which doesn’t happen often these days. Why I haven’t been listening at home is a question I haven’t been able to answer, but I’ve been lucky in the last few weeks: I read a book about one of my favorite musicians and his music, and it made me determined to play it—and play it LOUD—as soon as possible. Today is the day!

The second reason I’m doing this is to find out if I still like music as much as I used to like it. Actually this was an easy question to answer. By the time the first two or three notes came on, I turned the sound up and was dancing—and singing—and happy.

Apparently this made an impression with my cats Shadow and Meg. (The other two, Ninja and Emily Chicago, are usually hiding under my bed and don’t consider me to be a real friend.) Shadow, who was sleeping on the couch, woke up and watched me dance. Meg came out from the back room as soon as she heard the loud music. I danced through the house to see her, and she danced with me for a minute.

So it’s been a great day. I listened to music while I ate lunch. I’m still listening while I write this, and I’ve been reminded of something: for me, listening to music and writing can make me feel like me, like a happy me. I’ve got to keep on with these things!

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