Hate the Weather, But Love My Neighbors!


There’s nothing like having a nasty, intense winter snow storm, especially if it’s almost spring. If you’ve been looking online, you’ve probably seen a lot of photos and videos about Stella—the storm: people working hard, people doing funny things, animals that are having a good time (or not!), and reports about how much snow has fallen. In my neighborhood, a lot of folks didn’t go to work Wednesday. I was one of them, but I can work from home, and I did.

The storm started on Tuesday and I shoveled snow late in the afternoon. My porch, sidewalk, and part of the driveway I use had about a foot of snow at the time. It was amazing to look out Wednesday and see even more snow. I went out then, and the snow was as high as my knees! I figure the total at that point was 30 inches.

I’ve been very lucky, though, to have neighbors offering help. Patrick not only worked with my hard-to-close front door; he also cleaned up some snow so I could use my back door until the front one was working (and today it is!). I met a neighbor named Amy, who shoveled the part of my driveway that’s by the road, and always has extra snow at the very end. And a young neighbor came by and did some shoveling for $5.00. I think he was nine or ten years old, and he did a good job. I’ve been out shoveling myself. I’ve lost track of how many times, and it’s not finished yet.

I hope everyone who’s had this incredible snow storm is in good shape, and can deal with this crazy weather!

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